Tororo, 10 MW, Uganda. Built under the GET-FiT program. Multiconsult is Implementation Consultant | Photo: Building Energy


Technical Due Diligence and Business Model Assessment of micro grid System for Sunergy in Cameroon | Photo: Multiconsult


UNIL Våler, 1.3 MW rooftop and façade, Norway. Multiconsult is Owner's Engineer | Photo: Multiconsult


Assistance with detailed electrical design and market analysis for floating PV | Photo: Ocean Sun/Ole Kristian Olsen



Campus Evenstad, 70 kW + storage, Norway. Multiconsult is Lead Technical Engineer | Photo: FUSen


Soroti, 10 MW, Uganda. Built under the GET-FiT program. Multiconsult is Implementation Consultant | Photo: Access Uganda Solar Ltd


Solar rooftop tiles installed at the Strand Church. Designed and procured by Multiconsult | Photo: Multiconsult

Solar, Storage and Smart Energy

Solar energy is the fastest-growing energy technology in the world, thanks to rapid technological advances and cost reductions. Multiconsult is supporting that growth, and has one of the largest and most qualified group of solar energy experts in Scandinavia.

Our experienced solar professionals work on national and international projects for a range of different clients (industry, utilities, EPCs, project developers, investors, IPPs, financing groups, DFIs and governmental bodies) and of various sizes: from off-grid installations to multi MW-scale grid-connected power plants (ground-mounted, floating or on rooftops).

Multiconsult’s solar energy team possesses a wealth of experience in all of the necessary disciplines, and is Norway’s leading group of specialists in solar and energy storage applications. The team’s expertise ranges all the way from technological research, to practical applications such as modelling, planning, construction and supervision.

Furthermore, Multiconsult provides an integrated suite of services with our other departments. We work closely with experts from Hydro power, Wind Power, Power systems, Water & Environment and the Renewable Energy Advisory Services (REAS) Team to deliver a wide range of integrated services. A prime example of this is the GET FiT Implementation projects in Uganda and Zambia where more than 9 disciplines worked closely over several years to deliver on the project.

Multiconsult offers consultancy and advisory services during all phases of solar energy projects. From advice during the planning phase to detailed design, construction and supervision. We often act as an independent adviser in conjunction with the construction and sale of existing installations.

Our services within Solar Energy include:

  • Inspection and assessment of site suitability (land, building, water body)
  • Mapping of local solar energy resources
  • Bankable feasibility studies
  • Yield assessments, energy production and Performance Ratio simulations
  • Project development
  • Assessment of power evacuation (grid codes, generation and transmission regulations, infrastructures, grid stability simulations)
  • Geotechnical analyses (dimensioning of footings, piles or ground screws for ground-mounted PV)
  • Environmental and social impact assessments
  • Complete design and detailed engineering of solar PV power plants
  • Preparation of drawings and layout for detailed projects, DC and AC designs
  • Optimization in respect of area usage, energy production and costs
  • Identification of optimal choices of technology, technology assessment
  • Floating solar PV (development, engineering)
  • Storage and smart energy management
  • Integration with smart grids
  • Solar micro-grids
  • Integration in buildings (adapted or integrated), guidance for architects and product assessment
  • Due diligence
  • Advisory in preparing O&M plans
  • Assistance in procurement, tender advisory, preparation of transaction documents
  • Assistance in commissioning
  • Financial modelling, Capex and Opex projections, LCOE (levelized cost of electricity) and tariff calculations
  • Policy and regulatory advisory services
  • Capacity building, courses

Here, you can find out more about the services that Multiconsult offers for roof-mounted solar arrays (Norwegian).