The Village of Bokosso Electrified | Photo: Multiconsult


SunErgy and Multiconsult in Bokosso | Photo: Multiconsult

Off-grid PV Power Plants in Cameroon

Technical Due Diligence

SunErgy AS is a Norwegian company dedicated to providing communities in emerging markets with off-grid solar power. It is done through turnkey small-scale solar power plants shipped from the Nordics in containers and connected directly to the houses through own micro grid, owned and operated by its daughter company SunErgy Cameroon Ltd. Bundled with electricity, SunErgy also offers cable TV and internet access. The company entered into a Protocol Agreement with the Republic of Cameroon on providing electricity to 92 villages located around the Mount Cameroon, in the southwestern region of the country.

Scope of work

Multiconsult ASA delivered a full technical due diligence of the first pilot project in the village of Bokosso. Our team performed a detailed assessment of the components, system design, match production/consumption, construction, sustainability as well as operation and maintenance procedures, concluded with a site visit for inspection and technical tests. We also delivered a high-level assessment of the business plan and provided experience-based recommendations.

Our services

  • Detailed Technical Assessment
  • Site Visit: Inspection and Tests
  • Assessment of the Business Plan