Why Multiconsult

At Multiconsult we have a strong professional environment and a management with clear vision. Many of the industry's top specialists enter our ranks.

In surveys ranking Norway’s smartest companies, based on the number of PhDs, Multiconsult ranks among the top ten. We want to be the company that sets the tone in our industry and in order to achieve this it is only natural for us to take responsibility for the industry. This necessitates strong expertise and ability to assume projects characterised by high complexity. Therefore, we invest heavily in internal skills development and take care of our experienced staff and top specialists.

At Multiconsult only you will be able to limit how your career will develop. Our aim is for each employee to be the best version of themselves, both professionally and personally. We facilitate each individual’s advancement through targeted skills development, training courses and paths to further education, leave and support for PhDs. Development opportunities are available within technical specializations and management.

Since targeted skills development and knowledge sharing are key at Multiconsult we cultivate a culture that encourages knowledge flow and collaboration across departments and fields of expertise. Our position and our internationally renowned specialist environment mean that demanding and interesting projects also seek us out.

The value of each individual’s expertise depends entirely on how good we are at making use of this throughout the entire value chain. For this reason, Multiconsult strives for a high degree of knowledge sharing and collaboration within the organisation, using tools such as formalised forums for skills networks and different mentor schemes.

With regard to what our employees consider to be attractive driving forces we tend to highlight five key items:
• Exciting projects
• Exciting customers
• Flexible working hours
• Reputable
• Professional development

There are a number of other good reasons why our employees enjoy Multiconsult and consider us an excellent company to work for. Our experienced staff and leading specialists ensure that we are an external advocate for the industry’s professional development. We also represent a driving force for social development in general. Together with our competitors, clients and partners we use formal and informal channels to contribute to increased knowledge sharing. This helps provide meaning and recognition for our employees.