Must – Multiconsult for students

Must[Multiconsult for students] is the joint name we give to all of our activities aimed at students.

Multiconsult shall be a Norwegian industry powerhouse with a strong international presence. Although we are considered one of the most attractive firms to work for, competition is tough. As a student, you are the key to our ability to achieve our goals. That is reflected by the name of our programme for students and new graduates – Must. At Multiconsult we value young employees with fresh ideas very highly. We need people who are brave enough to challenge existing standards.

This is why we have several exciting initiatives for you. The aim of these are empowerment. We want to empower you to choose a career with us by providing a positive and exciting first experience. For you to get a positive and accurate picture of what it it like to work for Multiconsult, each year we devote considerable time to provide exciting and challenging summer jobs.

We also offer very attractive master’s, bachelor’s, and project papers within most of our areas of expertise. Your own interest is the only limit to the possibilities.  Are you interested in writing a paper in cooperation with us and with our guidance?  If so, get in touch with one of our offices, who will point you in the direction of the appropriate contact person.

As a student, you are vital to Multiconsult’s future realisation of exciting projects and community development. However, we also have expectations of you. We expect you to want professional challenges and to take care of our most valuable asset – the customers.