Multiconsult - Samfunnsansvar

Foto: Bo Mathisen

Sustainability and corporate resonsibility

Multiconsult is conscious of its social responsibility. Our business is based on trust, and over more than a century we have built up a reputation for being responsible, honest and reliable in everything we do.

Customers must be confident that they will receive good advice, including on areas such as health, the working environment, environmental impacts and ethical business conduct – and our employers must receive the training and support they need in order to fulfil Multiconsult’s social responsibilities.

Multiconsult takes a proactive stance towards corporate social responsibility in a wide range of areas in its dealings with its customers, employees and partners. This work is done in accordance with ISO 26000.

Eco-Lighthouse certified offices

Our goal is that all Multiconsult’s offices with more than five employees are certified under the Eco-Lighthouse scheme. The goals and plans of action required by the scheme, as well as their implementation and the related reporting, help to raise our general environmental awareness, which is also reflected in our projects.

The United Nations Global Compact

The UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Multiconsult became a member of the UN Global Compact and the Nordic Network in 2016. Most of the UN’s 17 sustainability goals are relevant to our business and support the Environmental Lighthouses.