Multiconsult’s core values are commitment, teamwork and responsibility. The company’s business culture should encourage responsible conduct that builds trust and creates a good reputation. Our values reflect a strong belief in the intrinsic value of the individual and the importance of human dignity. We trust our responsible employees to exercise their best judgement based on our values.


  • Commitment means both enjoying finding better solutions to problems than other people and having the courage to go down new avenues and challenge one’s own creativity.
  • Commitment is contagious, makes cooperation enjoyable and stimulates people to find new solutions and share their knowledge.
  • Commitment is what allows Multiconsult to constantly develop as a company. Commitment is one of our key success factors.


  • Good teamwork is one of Multiconsult’s strengths.
  • As a multidisciplinary company, working on projects in a wide range of fields, it is vital to the achievement of our goals.
  • Teamwork is important within the company, and in our work with others, as it is what allows us to realise the benefits of multidisciplinary collaboration and achieve the best possible results


  • We take responsibility.
  • Responsibility is Multiconsult’s most important value, and it permeates everything we do.
  • We consider it a priority to have accountable employees, who take responsibility for adding value on behalf of their customers, owners and other stakeholders.
  • At Multiconsult we take responsibility for wider society and local communities, for ourselves and for those around us. This includes our joint responsibility for reducing impacts on the environment.
  • It goes without saying that we comply with laws and regulations, but we are also proactive in our corporate social responsibility, so that we stay ahead of the curve.