Career opportunities

There are a number of excellent reasons to want to work for Multiconsult.

Multiconsult shall act as a bridge between what was and what will be wherever humans travel, work and live. Our culture of empowerment is based on having experience, the necessary expertise and the right balance of skills. It is about seeing opportunities where other people see obstacles. It is about breaking through barriers that others may be tempted to circumvent. If you are interested in a career at Multiconsult we can list a number of excellent reasons to join our ranks, here are six of them:

1. Exciting projects

It is in our nature to always seek out projects with a high degree of complexity. Our history, our position and our internationally renowned expertise attracts demanding and interesting projects. Professionally challenging projects are revitalising and stimulating. We always seek out new opportunities.  We prefer to break through boundaries rather than walk around them. This ensures that all employees are given a sustainable development. We are defined by what we have done and what we will do.

2. Good deliveries and a strong professional environment

Enthusing our customers is part of our DNA and we are the best in the industry when it comes to fulfilling customer expectations. This is, among other things, ensured through a strong specialist environment comprising the best and most renowned technical specialists. We’re a playground for the technical fields and we provide room and the conditions for professional development in line with individual levels. We are on the lookout for sustainability and harmony in everything we do and everything we touch, for the benefit of society and the individual. We therefore equally emphasise the professional and personal development of the individual employee. The best jobs are performed by people who possess balance in every respect.

3. Prestigious projects

There is a magnetic attraction between Multiconsult and prestigious projects. Whether it is world-famous sporting arenas, international cultural buildings, groundbreaking transport routes or paradigm shifts within energy production we are a preferred option among engineering consultancies. Our past has shaped and characterises everyone’s present and we want you on board when we built bridges into the future.

4. Renowned customers

At Multiconsult we really appreciate demanding customers. Skilled customers generate drive and ambition and frequently also the most progressive projects. We also work well in the role of pathfinder for customers with limited experience of collaborations with environments such as ours. Multiconsult carries out proactive, strategic sales and customer development activities to secure customers that prove a good fit to our expertise.

5. Responsibilities and freedom

Everyone working for Multiconsult have one thing in common, they are all unique. Consequently, we place great importance on ensuring that there are excellent opportunities for everyone to develop and get the most out of themselves based on their life experiences, ambitions, dreams and potential. Such an enabling culture results in plenty of responsibilities but also plenty of freedom for employees to steer their career in the direction, and at the speed, suited to them. We operate with flat structures making it easy to get involved and influence your surroundings. And the path to influence and decision-makers is short. In other words there is freedom to take responsibility

6. Work-life balance

It is important to us that everything Multiconsult is and does is sustainable, both to society and to our employees. Harmony and balance are essential for work performance. For us the professional and personal development of each individual carry equal importance. We represent a social working environment in which you can express your self, make use of all your characteristics and are able to view this as a pillar in your development and our diversity. It is important to us to ensure that the individual is able to organise their work in such a way that family, friends and leisure activities are supported in a balanced manner.

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