What we have done, is what we are. What we do, is what we become.

Multiconsult at a glance

Multiconsult is one of the leading firms of consulting engineers and designers in Norway. With roots going back to 1908, the company has played an important role in Norway’s development and economic growth. Thanks to its 2.850 highly skilled members of staff, the company is able to provide a range of services including multidisciplinary consulting and design, project engineering and management, verification, inspection, supervision and architecture – both in Norway and overseas.

We operate in seven business areas

Multiconsult’s operations are split into seven different areas:

  • Buildings & Properties
  • Industry
  • Oil & Gas
  • Transportation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Water & Environment
  • Cities & Society

Our top priority is customer satisfaction

We aim to be the industry leader at meeting customer expectations. One of our top priorities is therefore to have a reputation for achieving customer satisfaction.

We have clients and partners right across Norway, as well as in many other parts of the world. Most of our turnover comes from work in Norway, but our international business is constantly growing.

A Norwegian powerhouse with an international presence

Most of our turnover comes from work in Norway, although our international business is constantly growing. We have our head office in Oslo, but all of our expertise is available through all of our offices.

Our strategy is based on having a strong presence in Norway’s biggest cities, and good satellite offices wherever the market justifies it. We have almost 30 offices in Norway, from Svalbard in the north to Kristiansand in the south.

As a result of the growth of our international business, we have in recent years established a number of new overseas offices. Currently we have our own offices in the UK, Singapore, Russia, Canada, Tanzania and Uganda.

An attractive workplace

In recent years, employer attractiveness surveys have shown that engineers rank Multiconsult as one of the best companies to work for in Norway. For two years in a row, Norwegian students have ranked Multiconsult as the most attractive employer in its industry, and the fourth most attractive employer overall.

Health, safety and the environment always have priority over the financial considerations

Sustainability is important to us, and thanks to our specialist expertise in health, safety and the working environment, environmental management, risk assessment and BREEAM, we are able to help our customers to identify and implement environmental goals, in order to facilitate sustainable development. Our strategy also states that HSE shall always have priority over financial considerations. By the end of 2014, all of Multiconsult’s offices with more than five employees will be certified under the Eco-Lighthouse scheme.

Breaking through barriers

We aim to use our 100 years of experience to help us continue creating history in partnership with our clients. The key is to have the necessary experience, the right skills, efficient project management systems and the right balance of skills at our partners. We therefore encourage both our staff and our customers to see opportunities where other people see obstacles, and to break through barriers that others may be tempted to circumnavigate.

A proud history

Multiconsult’s roots go back to 1908. For more than a century, the company has helped to shape Norway and has contributed to its development. Multiconsult’s core values are commitment, teamwork and responsibility. Together with our partners and customers, we have helped to create history, and that is something that we intend to continue doing in the future.

Multiconsult has:

  • been helping to develop hydropower resources, both in Norway and overseas, for more than a century
  • been involved in the Norwegian oil boom since its first beginnings in the 1970s
  • performed a study of high-speed rail options for southern Norway, and is currently doing important work for Jernbaneverket (the Norwegian National Rail Administration)
  • contributed to great sporting moments by playing a key role in all of the projects to develop the Holmenkollen national arena since before the 1952 Olympics in Norway
  • carried out major design projects for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration
  • played a major part in developing the new Oslo district that is springing up at Bjørvika, though its contributions to the design the Barcode buildings, Munch Museum and Deichmanske library

…to mention just a few of our activities