Ethics and integrity

Multiconsult employees should act in a professional and proper manner towards the people we meet in our daily work. Everyone working for Multiconsult should feel assured that they can seek advice and support to solve ethical dilemmas and situations that could arise while working for Multiconsult.

Multiconsult’s work with ethics and integrity is built on the principles of the UN Global Compact, ISO 26000 and guidelines from Transparency International. All Multiconsult employees need to be aware of and adhere to the Multiconsult Code of Conduct. These guidelines describe our principles of business and the wanted conduct among employees and other representatives for Multiconsult.

The Code of Conduct is passed by the Board of Directors, owned by the group management and should be an integral part of the organization at all times. Our values, culture and integrity of each employee are also important factors that contribute to maintaining Multiconsult as an open, independent and responsible consultant, partner, client and employer. Thorough and continuous training and awareness raising activities strengthen the abilities of managers and employees in recognizing ethical dilemmas when they arise, and dealing with these dilemmas in accordance with our values.


With several thousand missions running at any time in locations distributed all over the world, Multiconsult faces multifaceted risks that could also involve significant risk of corruption and influence peddling. This is the reason we have established an internal anti-corruption programme. The anti-corruption programme shall ensure that Multiconsult adheres to laws and regulations, and identifies and handles corruption risks in a proper manner. Multiconsult’s anti-corruption programme is based on the Code of Conduct and a more detailed anti-corruption policy which build on internationally acclaimed practises for combating corruption – such as recommendations from the World Bank and Transparency International.

The anti-corruption programme furthermore consists of a set of procedures and tools for assessing and managing corruption risks and an anti-corruption handbook which provides guidelines for how to identify and handle situations that could jeopardize one’s integrity and independence. The tools of the anti-corruption programme, combined with the Multiconsult culture of responsible, respectful and proper conduct, shall contribute to adherence with the Code of Conduct.

Reporting of possible misconduct and whistleblowing

Responsibility is a core value for Multiconsult. An important part of taking responsibility is to identify potential misconduct as soon as possible. Multiconsult’s procedures for reporting and handling of possible misconduct, encourage employees and external stakeholders to report suspicion of any misconduct and they also ensure that these reports are handled appropriately and without reprisal or negative consequences for the reporting employee.


The Group Compliance Officer is responsible for managing the Code of Conduct, the procedures for reporting and handling of possible misconduct, and the anti-corruption programme. Among other tasks, this includes support in assessments of corruption risks in projects and external parties, and providing everyone who works for Multiconsult with advice and training in anti-corruption.

The Group Compliance Officer heads the Ethics Committee, which is an advisory board to the management on issues relating to ethics and integrity.

Anyone who has questions on ethics, integrity, independence and anti-corruption, or has observed possible violations of Multiconsult’s Code of Conduct, can consult the Group Compliance Officer (