Whistleblowing and reporting of potential misconduct

Anyone who works for Multiconsult is entitled to voice their concerns about potential violations of law or conduct without retaliation. Both our employees, temporary staff and contracted employees are encouraged to report potential violations.

All reported potential misconduct shall be taken seriously by the company and handled in an an efficient and effective manner, providing appropriate response to all inquiries. Employees reporting potential misconduct shall be protected against retaliation  and negative consequences.

As a part of our management system, Multiconsult has implemented procedures for reporting and handling of possible misconduct. Reporting of potential misconduct can be done in writing or personally, in letter form, email, or by phone. The identity of the individual(s) reporting shall be kept to a minimum of people necessary to sufficiently investigate the matter at hand. Reporting of potential misconduct can also be done anonymously.

Whistleblowing and other reporting of misconduct