Sydvaranger gruver - foto av Bente Geving


Sydvaranger mines | Photo: Bente Geving

Multiconsult havbruk. Foto av Johan Wildhagen


Aquaculture | Photo: Johan Wildhagen

Multiconsult industri


Multiconsult industry | Photo: Stockfoto


Industry | Photo: Jo Michael


Multiconsult has been an important partner for the Norwegian industry for more than 100 years and makes use of its history as a basis for looking forwards. The industry needs advisers/consultants who understand industrial processes, production and organisation and who also possess the specialist expertise required by these.
Multiconsult awarded contract with Equinor

Multiconsult has been awarded a contract from Equinor and the Snøhvit partners to deliver detail engineering…

18. February 2023

Multiconsult to plan Norwegian nuclear decommissioning program

Norsk Nukleær Dekommisjonering (NND) has notified Multiconsult Norge AS, in a joint venture with Jacobs U.K.…

28. June 2022

Multiconsult acquires Smidt & Ingebrigtsen AS

Multiconsult ASA acquires Smidt & Ingebrigtsen AS and strengthens its competence and market position in western…

19. January 2022

Multiconsult nominated for Ocean Space Centre in Trondheim

Statsbygg has nominated Multiconsult for the owner’s engineer contract (Prosjekterings- og byggrådgivningsgruppe) related to the development…

12. January 2022

Multiconsult and Argeo cooperate on marine survey methods and technology

Multiconsult and Argeo have entered into a strategic cooperation to significantly improve quality marine surveys and…

13. January 2021

Designs innovative technology centre and vocational school

Multiconsult will design a combined technology centre and vocational school in Bømlo municipality for the contractor…

25. August 2020

Integral supplier of consultancy and project design services for the industry

By focusing on the creation of assets, we have made a considerable contribution towards the development of modern Norway. We know the industry inside out – which is essential for doing a good job.

Our expertise and ability to recognise our customers’ requirements, combined with our ability to find flexible, integral solutions suitable for the future, have made us an important partner for a number of Norway’s most trend-setting industrial companies.

• We offer complete, multidisciplinary consultancy and project design services during all project phases, ranging from strategy and alternative assessments to finished operational installations.
• We provide reports, project development, project management, project administration, project leadership, etc.
• Prior to handing over an operational installation, we deal with project design and the procurement/contracting of process equipment and buildings with all technical systems, as well as building management, follow-up and commissioning.

We work on everything from large, multidisciplinary projects involving new buildings/alterations to small, individual specialist projects. Our services are provided as a complete package, i.e. we are responsible for everything, including interfaces and grey zones, or as part-deliveries if such are required by our customers.

Industrial consultancy

We help our customers to develop good, sound strategies based on their business strategies, involving various different types of consultancy work and assignments designed to improve their production efficiency.

General plans

Multiconsult develops future plans with effective goods flow, good layout and flexible solutions for bases/factory sites and individual buildings. We are good at creating highly flexible solutions which can accommodate any changes which a customer knows will occur, but not how or where they will occur.
Development and implementation of industrial projects.

Multiconsult possesses unique expertise on developing good industrial solutions in conjunction with the company’s customers. We extract any expertise held within our customers’ organisations, merge it with our own top expertise and then jointly develop good solutions which will boost our customers’ assets. Such are conditional on HSE; process/production, the customer’s organisation, operations, maintenance and future flexibility.

We have the working methods and equipment necessary for developing production equipment and lines, support systems, infrastructure and building and construction work which are suitable for both new installations and existing factories/installations.

Once the solutions have been developed, we draw up good project implementation and contracting strategies in conjunction with the customer and implement the project in question either with or on behalf of the customer. The services we provide during the implementation phase comprise project design, contracting building managers, commissioning, training and handover, so that our customers are able to take over a tested, documented installation with trained employees.

We deliver project management, project administration and project design management, etc. Prior to handing over an operational installation, we deal with project design and the procurement/contracting of process equipment and buildings with all technical disciplines, as well as building management, commissioning and follow-up. This comprises everything from small projects to large new buildings or alterations. We are good at tailoring effective implementation and procurement/contracting strategies which have been adapted to suit the special features of a project, the customer’s requirements and the current market situation, thus ensuring good decisions and predictable, secure implementation.
Health, the environment and sustainability.

By targeting our work on integrating health, safety and the environment into all our consultancy and project design services, we develop good solutions which both we and our customers can be proud of. We provide environmental advice and project design services for internal and external environments and for boosting efficiency, along with discharge applications, energy management and energy certification, etc.

4D modelling

The industry operates with complete interfaces between production equipment, support systems and buildings which require good spatial solutions, both as regards daily operations and maintenance and replacements. Multiconsult is a leading provider of project design services using multidisciplinary 3D models where we integrate intelligent information into the model concerned. Models can also be used for the management of time, quality and deliveries. This is what we call 4D for industrial projects. In this way we ensure the provision of good solutions, visualisation, effective project design, building, installation and subsequent operations and maintenance. Good models enable efficient project implementation without any mistakes, as well as effective operations, maintenance and future development.

We can also scan existing landscapes, buildings, equipment and support systems, and then use these scans to establish 3D models which can then be directly incorporated into new projects. This ensures good interfaces, thus saving time and money.