Trosnavåg hatchery | Photo: Multiconsult


Tank room 2 nearing completion. Here a few weeks remain until all of the equipment is installed on the tanks | Photo: Multiconsult


The bioreactor vessels are filled with water and biofilm carriers. Each vessel is 4 m deep and holds 90 cubic metres of biofilm carriers and water | Photo: Multiconsult

Smolt farm for Grieg Seafood

RAS in Trosnavåg

Grieg Seafood is expanding their production capacity at its smolt farm at Trosnavåg in Bokn Municipality in the county of Rogaland. Multiconsult was also involved in the previous construction phase at Trosnavåg.

Construction phase 2 is a new post-smolt plant with a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS), as well as a new office building and intake structures for sea water. Construction phase 2 is right next door to the first construction phase, and consists of a factory building with two identical RASs and two separate operating units with fish tanks.

The factory building has load-bearing steel columns and a steel lattice. The two sections with the RASs are made of 300 mm thick cast-in-situ concrete. Tanks are made of fibreglass. Floors consist of hollow-core slabs. The administrative functions are housed in a separate office building with load-bearing structures made of steel, timber and concrete. The building is down by the water front and has a dramatic architectural design with large windows and cantilevered floor slabs.

Scope of work

During the preliminary design project, Multiconsult worked with the client and architect to establish the parameters for the project. The facility is close to an idyllic coastal area and right by a road. Aesthetic appeal was a priority for the client.

During the construction phase, Multiconsult coordinated external consultants and suppliers. Multiconsult was also responsible for preparing tender documents, assessing bids and hiring contractors, as well as financial supervision on behalf of the client.

Our services

  • Consulting
  • Preliminary design project
  • Detailed design
  • Site management