Trovåg hatchery | Ill.: Multiconsult


Inside factory building 0 | Photo: Espen Fjeldtvedt

Smolt farm for Bremnes Seashore

RAS at Trovåg

Bremnes Seashore AS is building a new RAS for salmon at Trovåg in Vindafjord Municipality. This is an expansion of the existing flow-through systems at the same location. For aquacultural (piping design and process engineering), structural, road and wastewater engineering, Multiconsult is responsible for detailed design and supervising the construction phase, and it is also responsible for design management and site management. The facility will remain fully operational throughout the construction phase, which requires good planning, safe execution and strict deadlines.

The project has been split into a number of separate contracts.

Once completed, the facility will be licensed to produce 7.5 million 180 g salmon smolts per year.

Scope of work

Based on the production plan, Multiconsult drew up a requirement specification for the recirculation system, issued an invitation for bids and evaluated the proposals of various suppliers.

The layout of the buildings was then designed taking into account health and safety, hygiene requirements, logistics, energy efficiency, ease of construction and operation and maintenance. Multiconsult also did the detailed design, prepared specifications and issued invitations to bid for the remaining contracts.

Multiconsult is consulting closely with the client during the construction phase, as well as supervising contractors and performing site management for all disciplines.

The total footprint is over 15.000 m2, including the hatchery and post-smolt plant. Biosecurity and minimising risk are high priorities, and production has therefore been located in several separate buildings each with its own RAS. The hatchery, initial feeding section, on-growing section and two postsmolt plants will be completed in five construction phases. The project is highly complex, as it includes a new office building with an exhibition area, land reclamation, a wharf, seawater intake and outlet structures, new access roads and diversion routes, and landscaping.

Our services

  • Concept development
  • Functional and performance specifications
  • Invitations to bid and bid evaluation
  • Detailed design
  • Managing 3D model, including interdisciplinary coordination and clash avoidance
  • Site management