Fjæra hatchery | Photo: Marine Harvest


Complex network of pipes | Photo: Multiconsult

Smolt farm for Marine Harvest

RAS in Fjæra

The facility that Marine Harvest Norway AS has built at Fjæra in Etne Municipality is in a fragile environment, right on the edge of a national park. Multiconsult was involved right from the planning process through to the completion of the facility.

The facility is compact, with separate sections for hatching, initial feeding and on-growing, and includes four independent RASs. The completed facility has one of Norway’s biggest and most modern recirculating systems for the production of smolt using fresh and salt water. It is now licensed to produce 7.5 million salmon smolts. After completion of the project, the combined footprint of the buildings was around 6.900 m2.

Scope of work

Multiconsult was responsible for design and design management, including coordinating the various disciplines.

Multiconsult also produced the zoning plan and acted as the responsible applicant for the project. The site stretches from Lake Rullstadvatnet to the quay at Fjæra.

The project involved demolishing the existing structures on site, backfilling and building a retaining wall, building a new quay, rerouting the existing road, building a new access road and upgrading two existing bridges. Multiconsult was responsible for all of the engineering and architecture for the buildings as well as designing the aquaculture infrastructure. The aquacultural engineering included designing the intake structures at Rullestadvatnet, sizing all of the water circulation and fish transport systems within the facility and designing the system for transporting fish to well-boats. The process water is returned to the RAS once the fish have been extracted at the fish counter and transferred to a separate transfer loop containing sea water from the well-boat.

Our services

  • Zoning plan
  • Detailed design and design coordination
  • Preparation of tender documentation for all disciplines
  • Aquacultural engineering design and coordination
  • Responsibility for 3D model
  • Interdisciplinary clash avoidance