Hammerfest LNG and Melkøya | Photo: Ole Jørgen Bratland/@Equinor

Multiconsult awarded contract with Equinor

Multiconsult has been awarded a contract from Equinor and the Snøhvit partners to deliver detail engineering of the grid connection for the Snøhvit Future project.

18. February 2023

The contract value is estimated to approximately NOK 38 million, and Multiconsult’s delivery is scheduled to be completed during 2023. The contract includes an option for further management assistance and site support during the construction period.

The Snøhvit Future project consists of land compression and electrification of the Hammerfest LNG facilities. The electrification of Equinor’s facility at Melkøya will reduce greenhouse gas emissions with approximately 850 000 tonnes of CO2 per year. The project’s emission reductions correspond to two percent of Norway’s annual emissions.

For further information, please contact:
Investor relations:
Pål-Sverre Jørgensen, Group Treasurer & Investor Relations Officer
Phone: +47 416 11 161
E-mail: ir@multiconsult.no / psmj@must-arve

Cato A. Mørk, Senior Communications Advisor
Phone: +47 924 55 663
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