Grethe Bergly, Håkon Duus and Mette Kristine Kanestrøm are very pleased with the award | Photo: Cato A. Mørk


Håkon Duus at the battery systems at Svallbard

Håkon Duus named as “Young Adviser of the Year”

Battery and solar expert Håkon Duus has been named "Young Adviser of the Year" by the Norwegian Consulting Engineers’ Association.

8. November 2023

“It is extremely fun to be named Young Adviser of the Year. I work with an very good solar energy team, and for me personally it is important to be allowed to be curious. And not least to build innovation in the projects” says Håkon Duus.

The award ceremony was held on Tuesday 24 October, and in addition to Håkon, Ingvild Wang from Rambøll and Vegard Gavel-Solberg from Norconsult were nominated for the final place. A total of 25 were nominated, but Håkon Duus won, which means that he will participate in the international final next year.

Excerpt from the nomination for Håkon Duus:
Håkon Duus is a solar energy consultant and battery expert, and is passionate about energy transition.

“Håkon is an innovative team player. He is enthusiastic about bringing about a faster energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables, which means that he often runs and participates in projects that are the first of their kind. Håkon is often at the forefront of the industry and has completed several international projects. With solid experience in projects from Svalbard, via Africa to Antarctica, Håkon can rightly be called a complete energy consultant from pole to pole. Håkon plays a significant role in highlighting the consultancy industry and the profession through his exceptional work in solar energy, battery technology and energy systems. His commitment to sustainable energy projects and innovative approaches has made him an expert and a trusted advisor in both national and international contexts. With an impressive portfolio of projects, Håkon has shown how advisers can be driving forces for future-oriented energy transition and contribute to the development of new technology and best practice.”