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An impressive sixty students will participate in Multiconsult's summer programmes this year.

11. March 2013

-There has been a massive influx of applicants,” says Heidi Stien, head of MUST (Multiconsult for students).-

In addition to traditional summer jobs, we have in some areas developed specific student programmes to ensure that their time with us is interesting and educational and that we get to know each other well. For the three summer programmes MUST Energy, Arctic and Construction we received in excess of 400 applicants for around twenty positions. MUST Energy alone saw 220 applicants for four roles.

The summer programmes allow students to work in smaller groups on tasks associated with ongoing assignments or technological development. Visits to interesting construction sites or international partners form part of the programme.

Multiconsult has experienced massive interest previously but never have they seen as many applicants as this spring.

The Project Management role in particular stood out with nearly 160 applicants for one position. The position are affiliated with the Konsernoppdrag department (Group assignments), one of the top environments for management and control of multi-disciplinary project engineering assignments in the consultancy industry.

Multiconsult’s strategy includes continued growth and further investment in large project engineering assignments within most business areas. Increased capacity and expertise in management and control will be crucial with regard to fulfilling the strategy.

– For a number of years we have had extremely positive experience of teaming fresh graduates with more experienced colleagues for the project management tasks in our largest projects. It is a very positive response from the students to have 160 applications for a summer job. It is recognition of Multiconsult being both visible and desirable in educational institutions. There are numerous good candidates among the applicants and I feel optimistic about us being able to manage the recruitment challenges we face in the coming period, says Espen Bjørshol, Department Manager of Project Management in Konsernoppdrag.

Multiconsult’s summer programme runs from June to August.