PV Power Plant in Botswana | Photo: Multiconsult

20 MW PV Power Plant in Botswana

Feasibility Study

Through this project, the Client intends to develop a 20 MW solar power testing and demonstration plant. The project aims to demonstrate the feasibility and advantages of utility-scale grid-connected solar power in Botswana. PV in the country has been used mostly for small-scale rural electrification so far. Botswana’s power market is based on coal-fired power plants and is still highly dependent on imports from its neighbors (mostly South Africa). However, Botswana has one of the highest solar energy potential in the world, and there is no doubt that solar power could be a major contributor to the country’s energy mix.

Scope of work

The project is divided into four different tasks: data collection (and meetings with relevant stakeholders and interested parties), technical assessment (solar resources, relevant tech-nologies, cost estimates), engineering design and economic analysis (investment costs, economic value, levelized cost of electricity).

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