Kpong gates| Photo : Norplan


Mount Coffee Spillway | Photo: Anders Tørklep

Hydropower Plants

Multiconsult is recognized as a world leading consulting company in planning and developing hydroelectric power plants and dams.

With a staff resource of more than 200 experts in Norway and the UK dedicated to hydropower, Multiconsult is able to offer all the disciplines required to identify, study, plan, design, manage and supervise the implementation of hydro projects anywhere in the world. The company covers all types of schemes from mini hydro through to major schemes of several thousand megawatts.

Multiconsult is among the world leading competence centers in underground engineering and 3D-modelling and visualization of hydropower schemes. Our experience is built up through a century of hydropower development in Norway, and we pride ourselves with our multidisciplinary approach to hydropower development to ensure sustainable implementation.

Multiconsult can provide a full range of engineering services for watercourse installations, in all of the serious failure consequence classes defined by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).