Public funding for solar energy cluster

Innovation Norway has decided to support a new Norwegian business cluster focusing on solar energy.

21. July 2016

Multiconsult was one of the core partners in the application, along with Elkem Solar, Scatec, Eltek, Asplan Viak, Fusen, Solcellespesialisten, IFE, Glava Energy Center and Teknova.

“The business cluster brings together 60 key players throughout the solar energy supply chain. The aim is to identify and solve challenges in the market. Solar power is booming, with installations in Norway so far this year already matching the full-year figure for 2015. Nevertheless, there is still a way to go before solar power achieves the position that it deserves in Norway. It is therefore fantastic news that the business cluster will receive the support it needs,” says Bjørn Thorud, a solar energy expert at Multiconsult.

Boosting solar power in Norway and internationally

The solar energy cluster will be developed into a national business cluster, with the aim of achieving a strong position in the Norwegian and international markets.

“The cluster project will promote sustainable development in several areas. The idea is to support the Norwegian domestic market in order to strengthen the Norwegian supply chain. This will also make Norwegian companies more competitive internationally. We will supply electricity to new groups in developing countries and reduce the negative impacts from non-environmentally-friendly energy consumption,” says Thorud. You can read the whole application here.

Quick facts about the cluster programme:

  • The role of Norwegian Innovation Clusters is to facilitate, catalyse and reinforce regional business clusters that can drive change and lead to more value being added.
  • The cluster programme is aimed at organised groups of companies, knowledge institutions, entrepreneurs and public agencies working together in the fields of innovation, skills development and internationalisation.