Offshore Floating Solar Installation near Bergen, Norway | Foto: Ocean Sun/Ole Kristian Olsen


Example of Floating Solar PV installation | Photo: Multiconsult

Floating Solar Technical Design

Ocean Sun

Ocean Sun AS is a Norwegian company developing an innovative technology for Floating Solar PV. The company has, since April 2017, successfully tested an offshore floating solar installation near Bergen, Norway. The efficient, low-cost and durable technology is based on modified silicon solar modules deployed on special floating structures. Increased energy efficiency is obtained by low operating cell temperatures achieved through direct heat transfer to water. The modules are installed on very large floating structures with superior seaworthiness despite minimum use of material. Ocean Sun has established a partnership with world leading companies (like Hydro, BKK and REC Solar) that provides a unique competitive advantage.

Scope of work

Multiconsult, in close cooperation with Ocean Sun, provided market insights, strategy advisory as well as the full technical design and engineering for several demo projects (scalable 200 kWp systems): DC and AC engineering, string design, inverter design, yield assessments for several locations worldwide, battery storage sizing and off-grid connection design. The design will be replicated in Western Norway for off-grid fish farming applications as well as grid-connected and potentially hybrid applications with hydropower plants internationally.

Our services

  • Yield assessments
  • System design
  • Battery integration
  • Off grid connection design