Multiconsult is approved as a verifier of green bonds

Multiconsult is the first globally active engineering company to be approved as a verifier of green bonds under the Climate Bonds Standard.

19. December 2017

Multiconsult joins 28 other organizations as a verifier of climate and green bonds, approved by the Climate Bonds Initiative. The Climate Bonds Standards has been developed to provide a tool for credible verification of green bonds that is recognized by investors.

This approval allows Multiconsult to verify green bonds prior to issuance, as an independent external third party, under the Climate Bonds Standard. Multiconsult can offer to verify green bonds focused on investments in hydropower, solar, wind power and biomass; off-grids, mini-grids and grid-connected solutions up to 600 kV; and also battery storage, energy-efficient buildings as well as electric transportation.

Booming Market

The green bonds market has been booming in recent years, with 2017 being the first year when issuance passed $100 billion. The coming years show no sign of the growth slowing down. Multiconsult wishes to contribute to the growth in this market to further support the development of clean solutions.

The combined technical and commercial competence base, matched with energy market understanding and financial advisory services, makes Multiconsult an ideal partner for verification of green bonds within renewable energy production, transmission and/or use, says Tore Eliassen, Head of Renewable Energy Services in Multiconsult.

For more information on Multiconsults green bonds verification and due diligence services, contact Tore Eliassen email:

Green bonds

  • Investment instrument that is used to fund projects that have positive environmental and/or climate benefits
  • No different from conventional bonds, other than that the proceeds have to be invested in projects with environmental/climate benefits
  • Potential eligible projects include renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable waste management, sustainable land use, biodiversity conservation, clean transportation, climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Generally, bonds must be verified by a third party to be established as “green”
  • There is no universal standard on how to certify green bonds, but the Climate Bonds Initiative has developed the Climate Bonds Standard in order to establish a procedure for certification
  • Today, many stock exchanges publish a separate list for green bonds, e.g. in London, Luxembourg, Stockholm and Oslo, with the latter being first in the world to do so in 2015.