Boosting the due diligence portfolio

Multiconsult recently completed a technical due diligence assignment within hydro, wind and solar power.

16. March 2016

Multiconsult recently finished a technical due diligence of existing and planned hydro power and wind power assets and planned solar power investments of a Turkish-based Adali Renewable Plc, due to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. As part of the IPO (initial public offering) process at the London Stock Exchange, the company’s power producing assets had to be evaluated by a third party.

Fusion of different technological know-how from across the company

With a total contract worth of close to 700.000 NOK, Multiconsult’s economists and engineers from Oslo, Trondheim, Steinkjer and Ashford (UK) offices worked on estimating the production, future re-investment needs and future operating costs over a 40-year horizon. Consequently, an estimated LCOE (levelised cost of energy) was proposed for close to 50MW of installed hydropower schemes, 14 MW new hydropower schemes, 45 MW installed wind power capacity, 42 MW planned additional wind power capacity and more than 37 MWp solar PV capacity.

Completion of this assignment contributed to Multiconsult’s growing portfolio of technical investor advisory services, strengthening the company’s reputation as a highly qualified technical due diligence advisor in assignments both in Norway and abroad.