Multiconsult Energi Elkraft 2. 132kV komposittmaster


Photo: Bertil Hegge


Photo: Multiconsult

Power Transmission & Distribution Systems

Multiconsult has a reputation for designing reliable electric power systems, as well as for good project execution and coordination.

For over a century, Multiconsult has been providing consultancy and design services for power stations both in Norway and internationally. In recent years we have expanded our activities to incorporate services aimed at Norwegian and international power grid operators.

Our consultants can provide services to the whole electric power sector, regardless of the kind of installation or voltage level. Multiconsult can also offer local, interdisciplinary design and construction management services tailored to the needs of the electric power industry.

We perform everything from technical studies to complete, interdisciplinary design projects.

Our services include consultancy, design and/or construction management for all voltage levels, ranging from the regional transmission and distribution grid up to the national grid, including grid control systems, and low and high voltage auxiliary systems and complete earthing systems. Multiconsult also supplies equivalent services to leading companies in the wind power and photovoltaics/solar energy sectors.

As well as designing good technical solutions, we aim to be a market leader in the efficient execution and management of electric power projects.