Bergen Light Rail | Photo: Jan Magne Sviland

Samferdsel Bane Ski Stasjon 1390 x 576


Ski station | Photo: Bo Mathisen


Bergen Light Rail | Photo: Jan Magne Sviland

Bane Ski Stasjon 1390 x 576


Ski station | Photo: Bo Mathisen

Transportation – Rail

Multiconsult has over 20 years experience developing comprehensive plans and solutions for rail and light rail in Norway. We cover all areas necessary for assessment, planning and design, from idea to realisation and monitoring during construction and operations
Multiconsult wins important transport hub project

Together with Analyse & Strategi and WSP Sverige AB, Multiconsult has won the contract to carry…

11. May 2015

Planning western Norway’s Intercity service

The project for a double track from Sandnes to Nærbø, a local authority subplan with impact…

30. April 2015

Frame agreement with light rail developer

Bergen Light Rail Construction (BU) has awarded Multiconsult a frame agreement to provide independent monitoring of…

21. November 2014

Multiconsult has a large specialist rail centre with expertise within all core subject areas including superstructures and track, signalling and safety systems including ERTMS, rail power supply and catenary line installations, high and low voltage supplementary power systems including point warming and locomotive warming systems, earthing systems, telecommunications and information systems, and conducting wires. Rail assignments are typically multidisciplinary, requiring teamwork and close cooperation with other subject areas to develop effective solutions. Multiconsult has been involved in a number of major central construction plans and several strategic railway assignments in recent years.

Some strategic assignments worthy of note include the Follo Line project, the high-speed rail study, Bergen Light Rail, municipal subplans and project planning for several land parcels relating to InterCity, as well as studies for various infrastructure financing models. Solid railway engineering expertise and an understanding for how railway systems work are key to the planning and project design of highly technical, cost-effective solutions, and for ensuring the operational reliability of these solutions.

Through dedication, teamwork and responsibility, we endeavour to realise our client’s ideas and inspire through our focus on innovation, quality, aesthetics, the environment, and effective solutions.
Multiconsult offers broad multidisciplinary rail expertise and specialist skills in areas including:

  • Reports and system design
  • Alignment routes, concept choices, local master plans, and consequence assessment reports
  • Project planning for tracks, foundations, power supply, and signalling and telecommunications systems
  • Railway traffic/operation: capacity and punctuality analyses, route planning, simulation, operation concepts, and logistics
  • Risk management and safety managers with solid specialist knowledge of RAMS work within our team during all phases of the assignment
  • Transport analyses: use of transport models for forecasts, impact calculations, socio-economic analyses, and market analyses
  • Cost estimates
  • Construction engineering and phase planning
  • Complete construction project planning for both groundwork and railway engineering, the preparation of tender documents, and supervision during construction

Multiconsult helps to ensure sustainable development thanks to its focus on skills development and innovation in every assignment with the objective of increasing the use of more environmentally friendly transport.