Airport Express Train


The Gardermoen Line - Airport Express Train

Gardermoen Line

New Railway to Gardermoen airport

Oslo S – Nitelva: 20 km railway track from Oslo Central station to Lillestrøm station, including “Romeriksporten”, with tunnel length 14 km. Three – level crossing near Lillestrøm with new tracks, old tracks and new roads. Construction plan, tender documents and site attendance during construction period.

Åråsen – Leirsund: Detail plan and site development plan. Underground conditions required integrated landscaping/geotechnical engineering/construction design.

Leirsund – Kløfta: as above (detail plan and site development plan). Arrival and departure zone at Gardermoen: Roads, bridges, railway station, parking facilities at the airport. Construction plan, tender documents and site attendance during construction period.

Eidsvoll Railway Station: New station buildings and new tracks, new waterfront, technical infrastructure and reconstruction of existing roads. Construction plan, tender documents and site attendance. Special requirements associated to poor ground conditions and the vicinity of the lake Mjøsa, with varying water levels influencing construction works.

Scope of work

Several of these projects were carried out in collaboration with other consultants. Four of these are now integrated in Multiconsult AS. (Formerly Fjellanger Widerøe Plan AS, Arild Berg AS, NOTEBY AS and 13.3 Landscape Architects AS).

Our services

  • Site investigations
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Design of Foundations
  • Planning and design of roads and railways
  • Planning and design of infrastructure, water, sewage, trenches and cables
  • Plans for bridges and culverts
  • Rock engineering
  • Rock tunnels
  • Noise and vibration analyses and abatement
  • Detailed Site and Development Plans
  • Landscape Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Technical Supervision and Verification and Construction Management