Holmestrand station


Double track Holm - Holmestrand - Nykirke

Holm – Holmestrand – Nykirke

Double track

The project comprises three open-air sections – agricultural land/forest at Holm, the Holmestrand station area and agricultural land at Nykirke.

Both tunnels have double tracks, with a theoretical blasting profile of 118 square metres. Plans call for two adits for excavating the tunnels, in addition to access from Holm. These adits will function as escape routes, and a further nine escape tunnels are planned. The total project cost, including railway technology, is about NOK 3.3 billion (P85) in 2008.

After the detailed and zoning plans were completed, Multiconsult prepared a report on alternative solutions for a high-speed line of 250 kilometres per hour and an underground station for this section. On the basis of that report, the Norwegian National Rail Administration has decided to pursue further planning for the high-speed line between Holm and Nykirke.

Scope of work

In cooperation with Atkins, Multiconsult has prepared detailed and zoning plans for the 13.60-kilometre section of double track between Holm and Nykirke. This section includes two tunnels of 6.4 and 5.3 kilometres respectively.

Multiconsult has been responsible for optimisation of the line, design of the Holmestrand station area, rock engineering, geotechnology, environmental geology, environmental registration, traffic analyses, road design, rerouting of the road system in central Holmestrand, landscape architecture, an environmental monitoring programme, structures, spoil deposition, civil engineering and area planning, with the development of zoning plans for the three local authorities.

Atkins has handled the rail technology design assignments and noise calculations in this project.

Our services

  • Optimisation of track geometry
  • Detailed plans
  • Zoning plan
  • Cost estimates
  • Planning process
  • Alternative solutions for high-speed track of 250 kilometres per hour and stations in underground caverns