Multiconsult Samferdsel Bane Dobbeltspor Bane Kleberg Såstad


Alternative for the impact assessment | Illustration: Multiconsult


Tunnel portal at Carlberg | Illustration: Multiconsult

Kleberget – Såstad

New double track

Multiconsult, in cooperation with WSP, has drawn up an impact assessment and local authority subplan for a new double-track rail line from Kleberget in Moss to Såstad in Rygge local authority, a distance of about six kilometres.

The company’s responsibility covers a planning description with impact assessment and the technical disciplines of geology, tunnelling, geotechnology, structural engineering, acoustics, road planning, landscape architecture, architecture, area planning, reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS), civil engineering, cost estimation, and risk and vulnerability analysis. WSP has been responsible for rail technology, tracks, the aerial lines, signalling, telecommunications and electrical engineering. The assignment also includes studies of two alternative areas for an operational depot in Rygge, with a planned capacity of 24 train sets.

Scope of work

The project embraces many technical disciplines, and has been pursued in close cooperation with Sweden’s WSP as the provider of the rail technology disciplines. Two alternatives have been prepared for the new double track. The planning area contains a great deal of quick clay, and this presented problems in finding measures which could stabilise the area near Festestranda for the open-air alternative.

Where the Carlberg alternative is concerned, challenges have been presented by the lack of cover for the Carlberg tunnel. Both alternatives cross a proposed landscape conservation area, and landscape considerations have occupied a very central place in the assignment. Achieving grade-separated solutions for the local road system presented challenges with the open-air alternative.

Our services

  • Planning programme
  • Screening report
  • Main plan
  • Impact assessment
  • Local authority subplan
  • Subject reports
  • Noise calculations
  • Cost estimates
  • Implementation of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS)
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis