Frame agreement with light rail developer

Bergen Light Rail Construction (BU) has awarded Multiconsult a frame agreement to provide independent monitoring of the project.

21. November 2014

Signed on 20 November 2014, this contract makes the company responsible for independent checks of design work. It will also handle building physics, construction safety, geotechnology, fire safety, engineering geology, checks on the installation of water and drainage pipes above 150 millimetres in diameter, and universal configuration.

The assignment was won against stiff competition from five other consulting engineers. Multiconsult’s expertise, understanding of the job and organisation were decisive for the choice.

Earlier success with Bergen Light Rail

The company has earlier designed stage 2 of the Bergen Light Rail development, from Nesttun to Rådal. This project was delivered ahead of schedule and NOK 200 million below budget. Multiconsult is accordingly very familiar with the facility, and understands the importance of good planning for such a complex assignment involving many players.

Unique local expertise

This frame agreement shows that we’ve built up a unique local expertise with the light rail development through our involvement with the second development stage. We’re very gratified that BU wants to make further use of our expertise, says Rune Kjærland, Multiconsult’s regional vice president.