Planning western Norway’s Intercity service

The project for a double track from Sandnes to Nærbø, a local authority subplan with impact assessment and follow-up zoning plan(s) or zoning plan(s) with impact assessment(s) and main technical plan has been awarded to Multiconsult. This section of line is western Norway’s Intercity service and embraces 22 kilometres of double track with signals and aerial line.

30. April 2015

This contract also includes security, noise screens, platforms with access and waiting rooms, passing siding on parts of the line, as well as possible location of new public transport hubs/stations and analyses of opportunities for vehicle access, parking and so forth.

– This is a strategically important assignment for us, which makes it particularly pleasing that we secured the contract, says Tone Manum, marketing manager for rail at Multiconsult. Moreover, it was particularly gratifying that we got such good feedback from the client.

Best tender

The Norwegian National Rail Administration was very satisfied with the tender submitted. Its feedback indicates that Multiconsult won on the basis of the best expertise and a very good description. This indicates a solid commitment to the work of preparing the tender, which was headed by Thor Inge Thrana as tender manager and Gøran Carlson as tender leader.

Subcontractors with own studies

The contract also includes part-studies for the feeder system to the Jæren Line and a study on running double-decker trains from Kristiansand to Stavanger. These will be conducted by Multiconsult subsidiary Analyse & Strategi and subcontractor Operations & Rolling Stock International GmbH (ORS) respectively.