Multiconsult Energi vannkraft Akosombo and Kpong Akosombo Dam Kpong gates


Kpong gates, Ghana | Photo: Norplan


Kamuzu Barrage, Malawi | Photo: Multiconsult


Banja Dam, Devoll HPP, Albania | Photo: Multiconsult


Dam Plavinas, Latvia | Photo: Latvenergo

Dams & Underground Works

Over the past century, Multiconsult has built up a great deal of expertise in hydroelectric installations, from both Norwegian and international projects. That kind of experience helps to produce a creative and experienced team of dam and tunnel engineers. Multiconsult is also an industry-leader in the adoption of modern tools and techniques

Multiconsult has extensive experience with planning, designing, reviewing, and rebuilding dams and dam foundations, as well as high-pressure water tunnels and large caverns for hydropower generation. Our past projects include dams of all sizes ranging from standard gravity & embankment dams to double-curvature arch dams that use wooden/aluminium sheet piling. We also have extensive experience with large underground caverns and high-pressure water tunnels, such as Lower Kihansi project in Tanzania (846 m head) and Neelum Jhelum in Pakistan (420 m head).

The services that we offer consist of: 

  • Concept studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical plans
  • Tender documents and detailed design
  • Site follow-up on construction site
  • Independent controls
  • Reassessment and rehabilitations
  • Expert tasks

We have specialists in all relevant disciplines for hydroelectric projects including environmental engineering, landscape architecture and economics, as well as Norway’s industry-leading experts in geology/geotechnics and concrete design. The various disciplines within Multiconsult work closely together to come up with the best dam design from an overall perspective. 

Please see more information regarding services for geological and geotechnical studies, and hydropower plants.

In addition, we are industry leaders in our use of 3D visualisation for project planning, as well as finite element method calculations during the design process.