Kamuzu Barrage aerial view | Photo: Multiconsult


Kamuzu Barrage aerial view | Photo: Multiconsult


Kamuzu upstream | Photo: Multiconsult


The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, Malawi on visit at Multiconsults head office in Oslo | Photo: Multiconsut


Kamuzu Barrage | Photo: Frida Martinsson


Kamuzu Barrage | Photo: Multiconsult

Upgraded Kamuzu Barrage

Detailed Design and Construction Supervision

The Kamuzu Barrage on Shire River at Liwonde, Malawi, constructed 1965, is a concrete structure with 14 steel radial gates, which regulate the flow in Shire River. The Barrage constitutes also the existing bridge on the highway Lilongwe – Zomba. The Kamuzu Barrage is being repaired and upgraded, including heightening to raise water level upstream and increase storing capacity of the Lake Malawi. The project includes extension of the bridge piers, upgrading of energy dissipation structures and construction of a new road bridge downstream of the existing.

The project includes design of new steel gates and an upgraded system for operation, as well as design of a weed boom and weed collection arrangement just upstream of the Kamuzu Barrage. The project includes furthermore planning and installation of hydrometric monitoring station for real time collection of flow data from Shire River as well as downstream tributaries. A computer software model for using the collected hydrometric data for optimized management of water for hydropower generation and irrigation as well as for flood control has been developed. A plan for institutional and financial arrangement for the operation and maintenance of the Barrage, hydrometric data collection and collection of aquatic weed has been prepared.

Scope of work

From 2010 to 2013, Multiconsult was responsible for the detailed design of the upgrading of civil structures, the optimised design of steel and civil works, hydraulic modelling, updating of the hydrology of Lake Malawi/Shire River basin, power simulations, detailed design of hydrological measurements stations and data transmission system for operation of the Kamuzu Barrage; Environmental Impact Assessment, economic analysis and preparation of model tool for hydrological forecasting and optimized regulation (KABOM – Kamuzu Barrage Operation Model), as well as preparation of bid documents.

From 2014, Multiconsult has been responsible for the supervision and contract management of all construction works as well as supply and installation of new gates, new weed boom and weed collection arrangements; and supervise Environmental, Health and Safety issues on site and in the local community.

Our services

  • Civil Works detailed design, working drawings, bid documents
  • Mechanical works design, bid documents
  • Construction Supervision, contract management
  • Hydrological and hydraulic simulations
  • Planning and installation of hydrometric data collection