Dam Sarvfossen, construction completed | Photo: Multiconsult

Multiconsult Energi Vannkraft Skarg kraftverk og dam Sarvfossen


Dam Sarvesfoos downstream, under construction | Photo: Andrew Bekkelund

Brokke waterways and Skarg Hydropower Project

Detailed design of Brokke North and South waterways, Skarg hydropower station and Dam Sarvfossen

Skarg hydropower project: The project includes a powerhouse of two 12 MW units – in total 24 MW. Additionally, the project has 10 km of head race tunnels and 5 intakes. A new, 50 m high double curved arch dam was constructed at Sarvfossen. The production is about 70 GWh/year.

Brokke hydropower project: The project includes new extra waterways for existing Brokke hydropower station with 10 km headrace tunnels and 5 intakes from Brokke North and South. This will increase the production by 105 GWh/year.

Scope of work

Detail design of the new Skarg hydropower station with waterways and a new dam. Detail design of civil works, engineering geology site supervision of the tunnel works and follow-up of the electro-mechanical supplier and the hydraulic steelworks supplier.

Our services

  • Project management
  • Detail design of civil works
  • Engineering geology site supervision
  • Electro-mechanical – supervision and support
  • Hydraulic steelworks supervision and support
  • Ventilation, sanitary design, tender and support
  • Road design