Devoll Hydropower Plant | Photo: Statkraft


Banjë | Photo: Statkraft


Dam gate | Photo: Statkraft


TBM breakthrough | Photo: Multiconsult

Devoll Hydropower Project

Construction supervision and Engineering consultancy services

Statkraft created an Albanian company (Devoll Hydropower Sh.A – DHP) and obtained a Concession to develop, build and operate the 240 MW Devoll Hydropower Project in Albania. The development comprised a cascade of two hydropower projects including two large dams, Banjë (90 m) and Moglice (150 m),  20 km of tunnels, an underground and an surface power station. The Banjë dam which was half-built, has been investigated, evaluated and completed as part of the project.

Scope of work

Detailed design stage: 

Multiconsult was the sub-consultant of Norconsult. Multiconsult was mainly in charge of the detail design work for the Banjë HPP and for all geotechnical ground investigations upstream Kokel and Moglice HPP. Kokel HPP was cancelled after the detail design stage because it was found to be uneconomical.

Construction supervision

Make available qualified personnel for the inclusion site supervision and contract management team for construction of the Moglice Dam and Hydropower Plant

Engineering consultancy services

Provide advice and/or engineering / design services as required for the follow-up of the Owners Designer and Contractor’s design for Moglice and Banjë Hydropower plants.

Our services

Detailed design stage:

  • Assessment of the existing half constructed Banjë dam
  • Underground works for Kokel HPP and Moglice HPP

Construction supervision (as part of DHPs site team):

  • Moglice dam construction including foundation preparation and stability of surface slopes

Engineering consultancy services

  • Advice as independent advisor during construction related to Banjë dam construction and abutments, in particular assessment of stability and remedial measures at Banjë dam abutments
  • Advice on grouting of dam foundation
  • Assessment of reservoir slope stability for Banjë reservoir
  • Independent advisor on tunnelling works
  • Design of TBM tunnels at Moglice