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Ceremonial blast, 2009 | Photo: Multiconsult


Overview of the terrain | Photo: Multiconsult


Neelum Jhelum TBM tunnel | Photo: Multiconsult

Neelum – Jhelum Hydropower Project

Detailed Design and Construction Supervision, Pakistan

Multiconsult in a Joint Venture with MWH International (US) and three major engineering companies from Pakistan was responsible for the detailed design and construction supervision of the Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project.

The Neelum-Jhelum project is located some 100 km north-west of Islamabad in the Kashmir region. It is a high head project (420m) diverting the Neelum River through a 32.5 km long tunnel system, including 20 km TBM tunnels. The underground power station is a large, complex underground cavern located 400 m below the surface. The cavern measures 120 m long, 56 m high and 27 m wide.

The total output of the prower station will be 969 MW corresponding to a designed maximum discharge of 280 m³/s. The project will yield an average annual energy generation of 5254 GWh. The project is the first underground hydropower project of its kind in Pakistan and is located in difficult ground conditions of up to almost 2000 m rock cover.

Scope of work

The JV was responsible for design review, detailed design and construction supervision. Multiconsult provided services mainly in underground construction and structural design and supervision.

Our services

  • Design review of underground design
  • Underground construction supervision
  • Civil construction supervision
  • Mechanical construction supervision