Grouting at Quarry Area at Upper Keng Tawng HPP | Photo: Robin Wood


View of cut-off wall at Tha-Htay HPP | Photo: Robin Wood

Tha-Htay and Upper Keng Tawng HPP

Technical assistance for the Ministry of Electricity and Energy in Myanmar

The Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE) in Myanmar are currently designing and building the Tha-Htay hydropower plant is in western Myanmar and the Upper Keng Tawng hydropower plant is in eastern Myanmar. Both projects have embankment dams (90 m and 60 m respectively) and rock tunnels, which are currently under development. MOEE required expertise help with the all aspects of the dams, tunnels and hydropower plants.

This is provided by Multiconsult in association with Norconsult through the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate technical assistance program. A large part of the program was not only to provide technical assistance and technical expertise, but to also provide training to the Ministry staff in order to leave a positive legacy after completion of the project.

Scope of work

Multiconsult has provided technical assistance to the Ministry on the two on-going hydropower projects. Main areas where this assistance has been provided are on dam design, grouting design, tunnel design, slope stability, spillway design and project planning.

Our services

  • Technical Assistance
  • Dam design
  • Dam Foundation review
  • Spillway design
  • Training
  • Site supervision
  • Geological mapping