Headrace Canal after the tunnel


Bogoye Hydropower Project


Power Station

Bugoye Hydropower Project

Feasibility Study, Detailed Design and Construction Supervision

Norplan AS on behalf of Multiconsult AS has been involved from the beginning (feasibility study) until completion of the project with engineering design as well as construction supervision.

With mean annual production of 82 GWh and installed capacity of 13 MW from 165 m gross head the Bugoye Hydropower Project will provide energy and power to the national grid in Kasese District in the Republic of Uganda, through a new 6,6 km transmission line routed to Nkenda Substation. The development of the Bugoye Hydropower plant will increase the electricity supply in Uganda by approximately 7%.

The Bugoye Hydropower Project is a run-of-river project with a diversion intake, diversion canal, desilting basin, headrace canal, forebay, penstock, power station, and tailrace canal.

Scope of work

Norplan on behalf of Multiconsult carried out all development phases of the Bugoye HPP. From feasibility study including ESIA, to preparation of tender documents, detailed design and construction supervision.

Our services

  • Feasibility study, incl. ESIA
  • Tender documents
  • Project management
  • Detailed Engineering design
  • Construction supervision
  • Monitoring of Environmental and Socio-Economic Programs