Upper Keng Tawng Dam under construction, Myanmar

Neelum Jheelum vannkraftverk Pakistan Foto Norplan


Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project, Pakistan


Geological assessments for a small-scale hydropower project, Liberia


Working with challenging geological conditions

Geology & Geotechnical Studies

Multiconsult holds a large professional environment in Geo-disciplines with about 300 employees, composed mainly of geologists, engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers. In addition, we also have a core expertise team specialised to deal with geotechnical issues affecting hydropower projects.

Understanding the geology is a key factor to ensure a successful and cost-effective hydropower project. Multiconsult offers geo-disciplinary services for all project phases, from initial planning through site supervision to the maintenance and rehabilitation of older installations. The company has extensive experience from both larger and smaller projects in Norway and overseas.

The services we offer consist of:

  • Engineering geological/geotechnical ground investigations for dam foundations.
  • Planning and supervising grouting works for dam foundations.
  • Ground investigations for tunnels, caverns and shafts. 
  • Seepage analysis, soil & rock mechanics and geodynamical numerical modelling and analysis. 
  • Advice specifications and specifying bills of quantities, including assessing rock support requirements in tunnels and caverns in conjunction with the preparation of tender documentation. 
  • Assessing the placement and orientation of machine halls for underground power stations based on experience, theoretical considerations, and stress measurements. 
  • Supervising underground work during the construction phase and inspection of permanent rock support for tunnels and caverns,
  • Geohazard risk assessment, particularly for reservoir slopes.