Turning Mjøndalen and Hokksund stations into transport hubs

Multiconsult has won the contract to develop the Hokksund and Mjøndalen transport hubs.

2. June 2015

“This is an exciting and rewearding project, which was won thanks to close collaboration between all of the railway engineering disciplines at the company, as well as the planning, land use, structural engineering and highways sections,” says Tone Manum, marketing manager at the Rail section.

The aim of the project is to produce a detailed zoning plan and associated technical master plans for Mjøndalen station in Nedre Eiker Municipality, and for Hokksund station in Øvre Eiker Municipality. The work should build on the feasibility study for Mjøndalen and Hokksund stations, as well as the “Report on land use and track requirements in Nedre Buskerud”.

The project involves planning for integrated transport hubs at both stations, prioritising good access for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport, as well as universal design standards. It includes planning how the stations are to be connected to roads and the local commercial centres.

Both stations are to be upgraded in order to increase capacity, so that they can cope with a new hourly terminating service at Hokksund, as well as the existing regional Eidsvoll-Kongsberg service, while also allowing freight trains and express trains to pass. At Mjøndalen station the existing platform access will be replaced with a grade-separated one. Hokksund station is also being upgraded, including a new grade-separated pedestrian platform crossing and access. The project also involves extensive geotechnical investigations.

Project manager Helge Johansen stresses that good design solutions are dependent on close cooperation between Jernbaneverket (the Norwegian National Rail Administration), Multiconsult and the local authorities.