Rehabilitation and Up-Rating of Existing Small Hydropower Stations

Between the late 1950s and the early 1970s, rural and provincial electric power supply systems were established in Zambia. Many of the areas served were remote from the main grid and were therefore set up as isolated systems around individual generating stations.

Scope of work

In North and East Zambia ample hydroelectric potential was available and this was exploited at a number of sites including:

  • Lunzua    0.75 MW serving the Mbala District
  • Chishimba Falls   6.0 MW serving the Kasama District
  • Musonda Falls  5.0 MW serving the Mansa District
  • Lusiwasi   12.0 MW serving Serenje and Chipata Districts

As a result of grid interconnection and load growth in Zambia all these sites have the potential to be considerably expanded.  The Norplan UK team has undertaken detailed studies and the following revised installed capacities are now planned:

  • Lunzua   15 MW
  • Chishimba Falls  15 MW
  • Musonda Falls  10 MW
  • Lusiwasi  Lower  86 MW
  • Lusiwasi  Upper  15 MW

Our services

The Multiconsult UK team is currently providing services for the uprating and refurbishment of all four schemes. These services include the tender design, drawings, documents and contract administration.