Foto: Jo Michael

Photo: Jo Michael

Kindaruma Hydroelectric Project

3rd Unit Rehabilitation

The project is owned and operated by the Kenya Electricity Generating Authority, constructed and first commissioned in 1968 and was the first of the major hydro schemes to be constructed on the Tana river. The scheme is planted with 2 x 20 MW vertical Kaplan type generating units. The generating plant required rehabilitation and the station has provision for installing a third unit.

Under the project, a third unit will be installed and the existing two units will be rehabilitated and upgraded providing 3 x 24 MW (72 MW).

Scope of work

Multiconsult-Norplan Hydropower reviewed and determined rehabilitation requirements and upgrading opportunities for two existing generating units and installation of a 3rd unit.  Tender documents were prepared and tenders for the Civil and E&M works were evaluated.  Detailed civil design and production of the civil construction drawings was undertaken together with design review and checking of the contractor’s designs.  Project implementation and commissioning of the works was supervised.

Our services

  • Review and optimisation studies
  • Tender stage design and documents
  • Contractor procurement
  • Detailed construction stage and supervision