Ormen Lange/Nyhamna | Photo: Eivind Leren, AS Norske Shell

Nyhamna Expansion

Feasibility Study of the Gas Processing Plant

The Nyhamna Expansion project will enable the Nyhamna land facility to receive and process gas from other fields. Ormen Lange’s first phase of compression is also included in the Nyhamna Expansion project, with the installment of two compressors onshore.

Nyhamna was originally developed with a process capacity of 70 million standard cubic meters gas per day. After the expansion the capacity will be 84 million, thus responding to the volumes the export pipeline, Langeled, is dimensioned for.

Nyhamna Expansion Project include facilities for new gas pipeline (Polarled), integration of third party gas into the existing plant and new onshore booster compression facilities.

Scope of work

Shell awarded Multiconsult with the feasibility study of civil works and underground systems for Ormen Lange/Nyhamna onshore facilities, Project Phase 2. The objective of the feasibility study was to demonstrate the technical and economical feasibility of the project. The contract scope included all civil and underground modifications necessary to meet the significant increased project production activity over the next 5-10 years.

Multiconsult worked integrated with Shell and Genesis Oil and Gas during the feasibility project. While Multiconsult handled the civil works and underground systems, Genesis Oil and Gas handled the feasibility study of the process- and layout disciplines.

Our services

  • Evaluation of site conditions
  • Structural design philosophy and premises
  • Civil design philosophy and premises
  • Civil layout drawings
  • Description and plot plans of underground main system and routing