Kollsnes, project, KOP, gas processing plant, multiconsult

Kollsnes | Photo: Statoil

Kollsnes Projects

Civil Engineering

The Kollsnes projects (KOP) are a set of developments intended to maintain and enhance the robustness of capacity at this gas processing plant.

They include tie-in of new pipeline from the Troll field, extension of substation, 3 new MEG trains and upgrading of the waste water treatment system.

Scope of work

Engineering integrated as a discipline in Aker’s engineering organization.

Substation concrete building handled by Fredrikstad office. 28500 hours.

PDMS underground piping by Aker. 1800 hours.

2 persons at site. One from the engineering team. 6000 hours.

One person to follw up civil construction.

One additional person assistance to electro plan. 5000 hours.

Our services

  • Engineering
  • Noise
  • Follow-up at site
  • Plan