Kollsnes, vestprosess, pipeline, sture, multiconsult

Kollsnes | Photo: Dag Myrestrand, Statoil



Vestprosess is a project with 12.75” condensate pipelines connected to the oil and gas plant at Kollsnes and Sture.

The pipeline is approximate 54 km long, where 11 km is on land and 43 km in the sea. The pipeline will cross a 1.5 km fjord and go through land, where the pipeline is pulled through a bore hole of 290 m length. In addition there is another bore hole of 100 m. The boreholes are established to avoid large intervention to the terrain (damage to rock surface).

Scope of work

Multiconsult have performed a concept study of 24 different pipeline routes, consequence evaluations of the alternatives, detail engineering, optimization of the chosen route and preparation of bid basis for the total contract. As well as following up the building sequence.