Kilroot, Alstom, Gas cleaning plants, Multiconsult

Kilroot | Photo: Kjell Tørres, Multiconsult

Gas Cleaning Plants

Subcontracts for Alstom Norway

Cleaning and recovery plants for the aluminium industry and for coal/oil fired power plants.

Multiconsult has been working with Alstom in integrated team and as subcontractor for detail design of steel and concrete structures since 1995. The subcontracts during the last years has mainly been related to analyses and design of concrete absorbers.

As part of integrated team with Client the work has mainly been related to design of various steel structures, gas ducts and silos.

Our services

  • Design package responisbility
  • Site survey
  • Steel design
  • Concrete design
  • Analysis (incl. FEM)
  • 3-D modelling
  • Reinforcement drawings
  • Fire evaluations


Norway, China, Scotland, Wales, Malaysia, Dubai, Russia, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iceland and Cyprus.