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Near shore facility | Ill.: GraviFloat AS

GraviFloat LNG

Feasibility Study of gravity-based steel structure LNG terminal

GraviFloat has developed a terminal solution and technology for storage, processing and loading of liquids, such as LNG, oil or related products, in shallow waters near shore. The terminal solution comprises a number of installation units, such as storage tanks, made as floatable steel structures for yard fabrication that will be floated to the site and installed as fixed units on seabed at the designated location.

The basic of GraviFloat LNG is to deliver credible, stable and environmentally acceptable power to Kenya, which currently have much of its electric power supplied using Heavy fuel oil.

Scope of work

The feasibility study gives a top level description of GraviFloat terminal solution with connection to existing infrastructure and possible other future energy supply based on LNG.

Multiconsult performed services related to the layout of the onshore and near shore facilities, foundation methodology, such as piling large structures onto seabed and development of marine harbor facilities. The study includes cost and schedule data for a terminal and also defines infrastructure in connection to existing facilities.

Our services

  • Define project plan
  • Obtain and evaluate geotechnical data
  • Describe foundations
  • Development of harbour facilities
  • Safety evaluation (Hazid)
  • Consideration of terminal location
  • Marine operations
  • Environmental, economic and social impact study