Melkøya, hammerfest LNG, cold climate study, multiconsult

Melkøya - © Statoil | Photo: Eiliv Leren

Hammerfest LNG Plant – Cold Climate Study

Hammerfest LNG plant faces the Harsh Arctic Climate during winter periods. The Pre-Engineering and Feed phase included an extended study of the climate impact on the construction, safety and operation of the LNG plant.

Multiconsult has been involved in the developing of the LNG plant for the Snøhvit project since the early 1980-ties. Since 1997 Multiconsult has worked as engineering partner for Linde AG in developing the Hammerfest LNG Plant. Linde AG was the EPCA contractor to Statoil.

Scope of work

Studies evaluated impact of the winter climate impact on different areas of:

  • Operation
  • Technical Solutions
  • Risk and Safety Aspects
  • Handling of Emergency Situations
  • Economical Aspects
  • Logistics
  • Construction Methodology and Construction Scheduling
  • Field program and data collection