Snøhvit, melkeøya, hammerfest, LNG plant, multiconsult


Overview Melkeøya island, outside Hammerfest | Photo Eivind Leren, Statoil


Overview Melkeøya island, outside Hammerfest | Photo Eivind Leren, Statoil


Hammerfest LNG Plant

Multiconsult has been involved in the developing of the LNG plant for the Snøhvit project since the early 1980-ties. Since 1997 Multiconsult has worked as engineering partner for Linde AG in developing the Hammerfest LNG Plant. Linde AG is the EPCA contractor to Statoil. Our work has covered the civil area with the responsibility to develop, design and engineer all civil and infrastructure for the LNG plant from feasibility studies to engineering and site supervision assistance. Prior to the EPCA contract, Multiconsult worked with Linde AG in the pre-engineering and conceptual studies. Barlindhaug Consult has been the local subcontractor to Multiconsult.

Scope of work

Conceptual design, Pre-Engineering, Detail Engineering and Construction Supervision.

Services provided

  • Subsea tunnel and access roads
  • Site development (blasting/filling)
  • Product jetty for LNG, LPG and condensate
  • Construction jetty
  • Breakwater towards the Barents Sea
  • Dock for the LNG process barge
  • Roads, bridges and underground facilities
  • Foundations and concrete structures
  • Steel structures (PAU, PAR, buildings)
  • Administration centre
  • Utility/process buildings
  • High voltage facilities
  • Construction camp
  • Arctic weather assessments