Lyse olje og gass landanlegg

Lyse LNG Plant | Photo: Lyse/Skangass AS

Lyse LNG Plant

The onshore processing facilities cover approximately 35.000 m2. The plant produce 300.000 tonnes LNG daily for supplying to ships and tank lorries The gas come through pipelines at the sea bed from Kårstø. Linde AG had an EPCMA contract with LYSE (Skangass) and Multiconsult was Civil Consultants to Linde.

Scope of work

Multiconsult is the civil engineering subcontractor for the entire detail engineering phase and, as such, responsible for:
• Site preparation
• Roads
• Cable trenches
• Concrete structures, such as: basins and treatment plant, culverts. Foundations for tanks, pipe racks, equipments, structures, sleeper, compressors etc.
• Concrete buildings
• Water and drainage