Aerial with planned initiatives | photomontage: Multiconsult

E18/Hwy. 23 Kjellstad, Lier

Preliminary project and zoning plan

The background to the project is that the existing exit from the E18 has too little capacity in rush hour, which leads to long queues along the E18. The junctions of the E18 with the Fv22 and with the Rv23 have been defined as accident blackspots, and the road layout is confusing.

Multiconsult did a preliminary project and produced detailed design drawings that will be used as a basis for the new zoning plan. The proposal involves two new roundabouts on the Rv23, and a new exit ramp from the current E18. The project also takes in upgrading the network of footpaths along the Rv23, as well as traffic counts, noise measurement, surface water management, sign plans, power supply and lighting.

Scope of work

The project team held regular internal meetings as well as meetings with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
The project was also supervised by an internal working group at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.
During the project, there was an emphasis on:
• Improving the capacity of the road network by having relatively large roundabouts
• Good solutions for soft road users
• Reducing the risk of queues backing up along the E18
• Making the road layout clearer

Our services

  • Preliminary project
  • Proposing routes for roads
  • Performing traffic analysis, including counts
  • Noise measurement
  • Surface water management
  • Power and lighting plan
  • Sign plan
  • Cost calculations